We began our journey in 2014 with the first Blissmas Night Market, held in a small studio in Marrickville with 10 stalls & something amazing happened, there was a line up out the door and the space was filled to capacity!

Once we had recovered we decided to run Blissmas In July - again it was packed! The vibe was pumping and fun, filled with awesome locals and people making a difference.

It made us realise that Sydney was crying out for an ethical night market so we decided to level up, change locations and get professional!

We ran Blissmas in December 2015 at The COMMUNE Makers Space in Erskineville, we took over half the warehouse and filled it with cruelty free makers producing all types of delights; fresh hot food, treats as far as the eye could see, sauerkraut, fitness nutrition, loose leaf tea, soy candles, mini gardens & A BAND! The new, bigger space was F U L L - What a time to be alive!

After Blissmas, we decided that Vegan Collective was a name that better reflected our purpose & moving forward this is who we are... A collective of vegans, boss babes and change makers!

We will bring four seasonal night markets per year, our mission is to provide a platform for new vegan businesses, give established businesses another opportunity to get in front of their customers and build community in a fun, sustainable and exciting way and we think, we KNOW we can do it!

We are so excited about sharing the amazing world of cruelty free makers with you! - Kate & Alex

Photo credit: Konstantin Sonnenkind -  http://www.dassonnenkind.com

Photo credit: Konstantin Sonnenkind - http://www.dassonnenkind.com